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The team




The birth of Odys

Odys is above all a story of travel! A journey that Alexia and Maïlys share. The idea was born in Brazil, during one of our trips, animating most of our conversations!

We realized by talking that from Alexia's point of view, there were no tools that fully met her needs as a DMC for her agency Mexikoo. Maïlys noticed on her side that the proposals from travel agencies often sounded more like reheated than custom-made...

That's how Odys was born to facilitate the organization of trips for DMCs, while offering truly tailored journeys for travelers.

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The founders

It all starts with a beautiful friendship between us, nurtured by travel. Europe, Mexico, Brazil (and many more to come!), the taste for discovery and adventure has linked us since we met in 2015.

This passion for travel, we live it in our free time, and we also wanted to make it our daily job by creating Odys. We wanted to help create itineraries that match the uniqueness of travelers as closely as possible, while highlighting what makes each country unique.

So it's off on a new professional odyssey!

Let's work together

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